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Dorin Negrau Laboratoires offers an exceptional no allergic products range, created to offer more than just a cosmetic effect – the products are derma-cosmetic, created both for woman and man.
The products special formula actively works to attenuate external harmful factors, offering skin regeneration and attenuates wrinkles.
The product's contribute to the synthesis of collagen and increasing and helping the natural skin regeneration process.
The 5 products Dorin Negrau range set offers everything you need for a professional daily care as follows:  
The Hyaluronic Acid has a strong hydrating and anti-wrinkle action, the special pigment providing luminousness by light dispersion. The Walgerin1 similar tripetida that it is found in the Templer Viper venom relaxes the eyes muscles by smoothing the fine lines preventing new ones appearance.
Using these products on a daily basis, dark circle appearance is limited by significant microcirculation and bloods hemodynamics improvement, reduces around eyes inflammations, protects the collagen and elastin’s integrity by fighting the harmful effects of free radicals. Your skin will become more elastic, firmer regaining its natural health and strength.
            The Pharmacy concept standing behind Dorin Negrau Laboratoires products assures the following:
Dorin Negrau Laboratoires products enjoys from Romanian dermatologists support.




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